Collision advice please


Lets say I create a building in a modeling program, then export it as a .obj file. I want my character not to be able to go through the walls, floor etc… would I create bounding box's for each wall/floor in the building and check collision againt them, or is there a better way?

Maybe  should I be using another type instead of .obj files?

I think

Answers my question, moslty, I'll look into it.


So if I divided my "building" into seperate parts. export as one .obj file. Then use

currentPartCollided =  results.getCollisionData(0).getSourceMesh().getName();

currentPartCollided should store the name that I have called that one part of the model name?

I'll try this out soon to see if it works.

hmm, that didnt work.

Any advice please

try this

stuff to note

more stuff

Thanks mcbeth,

I will have a proper look at that at some point. I need a break now, been over doing it. But I'll post back here once I check it out.

I also found that the flagrush tutorial for JME1 has collision detection in it, I missed it casue I was going by JME2's version

This really works great, thank your soo much for your time.

Took me a while to figure out how to get it to work with a loaded obj. file, but its working for horizontal colisions now, I just need to work it so that it detecs the floor instead of using the terrain as the floor.

I hope I get good enough to be able to figure out how to write stuff like that myself.

I'm  currently doing a foundation year in computinng and will move on to a full time uni course in computing from there. So we are learning the basics in java. This stuff is way over my head, but things like JME and the extra stuff you guys write really making it alot easier to get some cool stuff happpening.

Thanks again


yeah saved me headaches too, haven't had the time or motivation to work on my project for long time, but I try to keep that working as best I can, when time permits, luckily the most major issue was porting to jme2, since the original author is no-longer with us.

What project?

Del said:

What project?

simple shooter that even at this stage has barely crawled past an idea in my head, I'm in tax as employment and though I'm also doing a computing diploma, I'm terrible at juggling multiple tasks and this has suffered because of time constraints and general "tiredness" all mixed in with a big slice of procrastination :// :)

Yeah, I know how it is. I Should be have more focus on my studies then this stuff. Bu t its soo much fun.

ANyways, good luck with your diploma.