Collision detection and other unwritten tutorials in FlagRush

Hi there,

is there a possibility to view the source code of the unwritten chapters of Mojomonkeys great tutorial? I enjoyed it and learned a lot but now I would like to include collision detection and do not know how I could start with that.

There are the Lessonx.class files but these are comiled so I cannot look at the source code - or is there a source for them?

There's source for up to lesson 9 in CVS. As far as I know he never wrote more after that. He's in the middle of changing jobs, and he's still pretty much busy with that. I think when things settle down he'll pick this up again… he should anyway :stuck_out_tongue: it's a good series.

Hopefully he will do so.

But is there another tutorial on collision detection or (even better) jme-physics?

I only found the tutorials in the wiki - are there others in the net about advanced jme usage (i.e. sound)?

Not really tutorials… but there's tests included in the source for most features, eg. for intersections there's the jmetest.intersection package.

jME Physics 2 has some test programs. I think if you know a little bit about physics, they are easy to understand.

If you want to know some basics about physics, you should check the ODE manual.


From my own expirience it's easier to use a physics engine then making your own collision detection routines.

Where can I find the test files of jme-physics? In the JME I found them in the source files but I don't find the source of jme-physics.

See this thread for homes of jME Physics. You can find source downloads and cvs info there.