Collision detection with 3d model

I've created a 3d room with maya (.obj) and load it as triMesh. Now I can walk around in the room, but I can go through walls. (I use a firstpersonhandler). I don't have any idea how I can test a collision between the camera and a wall from the model. So, how I could solve that? thx

Check out BoundingVolume and BoundingBox.

You should be able to get a BoundingVolume for the camera and create a BoundingVolume for the room.

Because you want to move inside the box, you may need to create BoundingVolumes for each wall.

How can I create a BoundingVolume for the cam? Should I use a CameraNode?

That should work.

I'm not entirely sure, but there may be a built in BoundingVolume for whatever camera you are using. With enough method calls in a row you may be able to get to it. (I can't find it myself now that I've tried… but you may have more luck)