Collision enabling the cloned node

I have just created few clone nodes and they seem to show ok on the screen. I like to collision enable them, but when I looked at


you can only do it on geometry not spatials. How do you go about collision enabling the clones?


Does anybody know if its possible to have a bounding model for a node where the node has no geometry?


no, this is not possible.

A node is an abstract concept and is not realised graphically, and thus it doesn’t have a physicalBound. The Node’s bound is a collection of all the bounds of its children.

If you want, create an invisble sphere, and attach that to the node, the node will have the same bound as the sphere…


OK, that explains it. I am sure this has been answered a thousand times, but when you load a model into JME how do you get its geometry?


I think I found it. you use the setProperty("bound","box").