Collision Events Sanity Check


I’ve got what I think is a fairly standard setup; player is first person, no model associated with it, but with a collision capsule. Terrain and some dodgy buildings added to the scene all set up with collision so I’m happily moving around the world in First Person View, not falling through the floor and bumping into buildings as expected. So far so good.

I’ve now added a collision listener so I can pick out collisions between the player and the buildings.

First question - should I add the player to a node, even though it has no visible geometry ? Only advantage I can think of is that I can then name it and avoid the problem in PhysicsCollisionListener where you have to check for null with nodea.getName etc.

Secondly, I’m not seeing all the expected collisions. I see player/terrain collisions but if I walk into a object they collide (player stops/slide along wall) but I don’t always see the event.