Collision fails - object passes through the other

Hi there. Me again!

I’m trying to make the tilting labyrinth game. I’m sure everyone’s aware of the idea - board with holes and a marble to be guided through. I’ve imported the models from Blender and they are hollow. While I believe that’s normal for Blender, it’s causing me a problem. The game works find until I tilt the board at a faster speed. The marble falls right through the board and gets stuck inside the board’s cubic mesh.

I’m attaching a snapshot to better present the problem. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

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Models are always hollow. It sounds like you need to turn on sweep tests for the ball. I don’t know the details as I haven’t used the physics stuff myself but it makes the game check for collisions along the path of movement not just at each point.

So your object is colliding with the backface of your mesh? Sounds like inverted normals to me.

If were you I would use primitives for the collision detection, rather than meshes though. That means a mathematically defined box instead of one defined by triangles. This should be faster and more robust. I am just guessing how you implemented this ( since you didn’t provide any code ), sorry if I am mistaken…