Collision Problems with "special" meshes

Hi guys!

At first: Sorry for my English!!!

I’m developing some kind of simulation tool for my thesis on top of your really nice engine

but now i can’t get any further because i’ve got a tiny collision problem:

I’ve got several meshes of spider’s webs and let “flies” collide with them (for evaluation…).

The problem is, they seem to collide with a plane on top of the real mesh and not with the real mesh…

(so they collide with empty spaces within the spider’s web…)

I’ve searched google and your forum for three days, but i can’t find anything…

Hopefully, this is something very easy…:slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!!

Love your work!!!

You probably create a hull collision shape with the collision shape generator.

thanks for the fast answer:)

i don’t explicitly create a collisionshape, i just do something like this:

[java]RigidBodyControl ctrl = new RigidBodyControl(0.1f);



i thought this would imply a mesh collision shape…

what shape should i use?

maybe GImpact would be a bit of an overkill if i understood your documentation the right way…

Since your shape has a mass (which it has to have if its supposed to move) it cannot have a mesh collision shape. For best performance I suggest dividing the shape so that the combined hull shapes form the cavities you need.


the webs themself don’t really need to move, so i’ll set their masses to 0

and try out if it works in a few mins :slight_smile:

okay:D thank you soooooo much!!!

it works now!

with mass >0




shows me some kind of multiple planes and with


i get the real mesh collision shape

where can i donate next month?^^