Collision Shape Tunnels

Alright, I’ve been creating a voxel-based game lately, and I’ve run into a limitation with what I believe to be the MeshCollisionShape.

I’m trying to create tunnels/caves in my game, but it appears that using a RigidBody (with the MeshCollisionShape), it doesn’t allow tunnels. I could be wrong, and it could be something else, but everything I’ve done so far shows that this would be the issue.

So my question is, does the RigidBody (with a MeshCollision) support tunnels, caves, etc? If not, what is the best shape/collision to achieve this?

Sorry if this is unclear, please just ask if you need additional information.

What are the two collisions shapes interacting? If your cave is a MeshCollisionShape and the actor is also a MeshCollisionShape, that won’t work.

Otherwise a MeshCollisionShape should support concave shapes (like caves).

It’s a capsule (CharacterControl), with the MeshCollisionShape…

Should work fine, you sure your character isn’t really tall/wide or something?