collisionFilterGroups and collisionFilterMasks

Are collisionFilterGroups and collisionFilterMasks implemented (yet) in jme3-jbullet?

afaik, no!

Many thanks for the reply.

I experimented once with it, but it was a quick hack using jbullet directly.

(But you should avoid using direct-calls) once you got familiar with it, it

would be great if you could implement it for jme3

good luck

Its not in yet but I want to put it in. Should have some time next week and its not a big thing so I can probably put it in then. I have a few things I want to do in PhysicsNode anyway.

Once again, many thanks for the quick reply.

So, I've introduced collision groups in jme3 physics now. Its simple, you've got a setCollisionGroup(int) and addCollideWithGroup(int) / setCollideWithGroups(int). Its working via int bitmasks and some group masks are prepared already in CollisionObject.COLLISION_GROUP_XX.

In the background, it uses the needsBroadphaseCollision callback in bullet and you can register as a CollisionGroupListener in the PhysicsSpace to receive collision events for a group and even filter the collision itself programmatically after the group check.



Note: When you change the CollisionGroup of a PhysicsNode it will not automatically collide with its own group, you still have to set/unset the collideWith groups of that object.