CollisionListener broken?


I was just doing some testing on Marble Mania and realized none of my CollisionListener are working. I’m not quite sure, when exactly it stopped working, but I think it has to be an update from the last 2-3 Weeks.

Before the update they were working fine, but know they are never called. The Test-Class TestCollisionListener also doesn’t seem to be working.


I guess you are missing an update call in the BulletAppState, you sure you do all appstate calls?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just looked over the BulletAppState again and I saw the method pSpace.distributeEvents();.

After adding this to my own AppState it works again.

Good. I moved this to the update() call so the events are not spawned during the render (possibly making users change the scenegraph during render) when parallel physics are used.