Collisions between CharacterControls

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but… my CharacterControls won’t collide with each other. They hit the floor but they happily clip through each other. Is there a setting I can change to make them collide in the physics state, or do I need to make them stop manually by setting walk direction to 0 or something?

Yeah, they are not colliding… Idk exactly why, setting the bullet collision flags doesnt seem to help.

Yeah strangely, i have downloaded the jmonkeyplatform which includes an older version of jme.

In that version i downloaded, characters (attached to the characterphysicsnodes) collide with each other.

I downloaded the new version of jme3 to get the physic controls rather than the physic nodes and it stopped working, as described by kidneytrader.

I changed some things so that ghost objects don’t collide with character objects but from the flags character vs character should still collide…