Collisions - player falls down through the floor

I test HelloCollision from beginner’s tutorials

Collisions with vertical surfaces works good.

But when i create non-vertical surface and try walk under it, when collisions begins

camera blinks, and later I fall through the floor.

And, sometimes, after collisions with non-vertical surfaces, player remains like “plunged in ground”

at some height, and jumps don’t works. This situation ends when I walk from one triangle of ground (floor)

mesh to other (seen when bulletAppState.getPhysicsSpace().enableDebug(assetManager); in ON)

Does someone tell what’s to do?

Hard to say without seeing any code - but maybe the RigidBody’s triangles are too big and the player is falling through.

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You probably just force your character into the ground with the walkDirection.

I just increasing amount of subdivisions of floor mesh (plane) and now all works OK.