CollisionShape.setScale() on capsule/cylinder/sphere

In JME 3.1.0 and ‘master’, the CollisionShape.setScale() method is overridden in CapsuleCollisionShape, CompoundCollisionShape, CylinderCollisionShape, and SphereCollisionShape in order to disable scaling.

After fixing a debug-mesh bug related to scaling, I re-enabled scaling for capsule, cylinder, and sphere shapes in Maud. So far I haven’t observed any issues with scaling these shapes. I’d like to re-enable scaling in ‘master’, but I’m not sure I’ve tested it sufficiently. Does anyone remember the details of why scaling was disabled for these shapes?

(I haven’t tested compound shapes yet.)

Update: I’ve observed unexpected collisions when shapes were scaled non-uniformly (different axes scaled by different amounts) but so far not with uniform scaling. I’ll keep experimenting, but if someone could point me to a detailed bug report, that might save me a lot of effort and worry.

I know this probably isn’t all that helpful, but I think I do remember something from months back about non-uniform scaling of something or another not working. I think it may have had something to do with a Bullet bug, but I don’t remember for sure.

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