Hi all. Im new in jme3. I start lern jme3 from tutorial “Make a Neon Vector Shooter With jME”, and faced with the problem in method interpolate

ColorRGBA color1 = ColorRGBA.White;
ColorRGBA color2 = ColorRGBA.Yellow;
ColorRGBA color = new ColorRGBA();
color.interpolate(color1, color2, rand.nextFloat());

cannot find symbol
symbol: method interpolate(ColorRGBA,ColorRGBA,float)
location: variable color of type ColorRGBA

What is the problem here? :grimacing:

It means the method doesn’t exists. I assume your using jme3.1 alpha? Then I believe the method you want is called interpolateLocal. The method was called interpolate in jme3.0 but was renamed interpolateLocal in jme3.1.

Yes i use jme3.1 alpha. I change to interpolateLocal and worked! :grinning: Thx man!
Where i read about the changes in the api?

I don’t think you can see exactly what changed in the API between jme 3.0 and 3.1 alpha. But in your IDE you should be able to see the methods that are available to you as well as the javadoc and sources (for jme libraries anyways). For example, if your using the SDK, typing “color.” would popup a list of usable methods.

I type to fast and not see intellisense :smirk: If type not so fast its ok :grinning: