ColorRGBA documentation

I’ve submitted a patch via Google code for to address some documentation issues. Summary:

  • Added documentation for several previously undocumented methods.

  • Added some missing @Override annotations

  • Corrected copy/paste errors in documentation for add & multiply methods.

  • Corrected various misspellings.

  • Standardized wording, capitalization, punctuation and use of code tags.

There were a couple of things I wasn't 100% sure about, but having asked my initial round of questions I figured the next step was to submit something for official critiquing.

Things I left un-addressed in the patch:
  • In several places the documentation indicates (or at least suggests) that rgba values are automatically clamped between 0 to 1, (for instance the 2nd constructor), but I couldn't find any calls to the clamp method.

  • read & write methods remain undocumented because I didn't feel qualified to describe them adequately

  • clone method remains undocumented because I didn't stumble across an example in the code base to pattern off of and didn't want to pioneer

I welcome the assembly's constructive criticism.