I would like to introduce a package and move all of the GameState aspects into it as it is growing larger and is already cluttering up the app package.  For anyone using states in their games currently this will require a little refactoring, but I think it will be better in the long run.

Does anyone have a problem with this?

Sounds like a good move to me

Personally I think it was always more of a jmex thing. In fact don't some of your states depend on jmex?

That's a good point.

I didn't realize it, but you are correct, one of my custom GameStates (JMEDesktopState) does rely on JMEDesktop which is part of jmex.  I actually didn't even realize that JMEDesktop was jmex until recently.

Anyone else think states belongs in jmex?

Absolutely… there can be no reference to jmex from jme.

Well, yes, the JMEDesktopState will have to be moved no matter what, but GameStates in general is what I'm referring to.

Okay, this has been completed.  I had to move StandardGame out as well since it relies on GameStateManager.  The new locations:* = GameState classes

Hope this is acceptable.

I also finished my work on the GameSettingsPanel and the test for it.  So now I'm off to work on my loader system for loading progress. :slight_smile:

Fits in much better there if you ask me :slight_smile:

The JMEDesktopGameState should be moved to the swing/desktop packages as that's the one that most people would want to omit, imo.

Irrisor, not sure I understand?  It technically belongs in both places, but personally think it fits better into the state package.

I mean there are people that want to remove all dependencies to swing/awt from their application and they would omit the jme.awt/swing packages then. This would result in a compiler error in the state package if there is a JMEDesktopState…

That makes sense.  I'll move it this evening.