Combine two Set Linear Velocity statements

Hi Guys,

Just trying to make an FPS and I have reached a problem - I need to combine the following two lines but have no idea how to do it!

player.setLinearVelocity(player.getWorldRotation().getRotationColumn(2).mult( (float)listener.getMoveValue() * 4));
player.setLinearVelocity(player.getWorldRotation().getRotationColumn(0).mult( (float)listener.getStrafeValue() * 4));

I have this line below too - thought I would add it incase it had any effect on what was going on:

player.setAngularVelocity(new Vector3f(0.0f, (float)listener.getRotateValue() * 4, 0.0f));

If you could help that would be great!


Doesn't player.setLinearVelocity() take a vector value?  Maybe you could add the vectors or interpolate between the two?

     new Vector3f().interpolate(
          player.getWorldRotation().getRotationColumn(2).mult( (float)listener.getMoveValue() * 4),
          player.getWorldRotation().getRotationColumn(0).mult( (float)listener.getStrafeValue() * 4),


Well basically just add both velocities to recive a combined one.