Combined effort for JME in Eclipse RCP apps

So Outrunner, Vardamir and me have teamed up to improve support for JME as part of an Eclipse RCP application.

Out came the monklypse project that we would like to introduce right now.


We took what we had in JME 2.0, designer and monkeyworld and created a new plugin that should help people to get jme to run inside their Eclipse RCP apps.

The project is available at

An update site is available at

We added multiple canvas support and multithreading (which will be explained in a later post, no, we didn’t multithread jme but came up with an architecture that supports several render/update threads).

A tutorial is available at (it’s small, I know, but it will hopefully grow over time).

Designer and all it’s tools are already ported to it, monkeyworld is almost there.


Vista (will hopefully be addressed some time next week).

And a video of designer using the new plugin:

We are trying to keep everything in sync with jme 2, so keep updating your stuff from time to time.

We had some problems with the plugins (compiler classloader vs bundle classloader) so basically the update site was broken.

After 2 weeks of fighting the plugins are now working and can be used from the update site.