Combining applications

The other day I coded a small game and I have a medium sized game in development. I thought it would be interesting to use the small game as a sort of… minigame within the game however I’m not sure how I should combine the two together.

I understand that the most obvious solution is to break it into pieces and integrate it into my medium sized game but I was wondering if there was any simple solution to combine the two applications into one. Like some sort of switch I can use to go between the two games. It sounds like it would be useful because I could then turn all of the minigames into separate projects that I can individually test and change before merging them together.

Well it depends on how your small game is structured.
The best course of action is to have your game structured with AppStates. This way it’s easy to use them in another game and launching your mini game is just a matter of enabling and disabling AppStates

That sounds like what I’m looking for, thanks I’ll look into it.