Combinng JGN with SGS Darkstar?

Hi, I've read many posts on the JME and JGO forums on the differences between JGN and SGS. I'm impressed with JGN's lightweight simplicity and utilization of UDP for performance purposes. But I also agree with SGS's philosophy of player focused resource management unlike traditional servers where resources split based on zones/shards.

My question is, is it possible to leverage the best of both worlds? I have started mucking around with the FlagRush tutorials, trying to make it run on SGS similar to DarkFrog's FlagRush JGN demo. Along the way I began to think is it possible to set up a structure similar to the following:

  • Netorking - Use JGN's sync manager for synchronization of game objects. I.e. to have JGN sit on top of SGS, most likely listening on separate ports and require separate registration. (I hear DarkFrog is working on adding clustering enhancement to JGN)
  • Concurrency - Once the objects are synchronized in memory, use SGS Tasks to handle updating each object to disk. Thus utilizing SGS's concurrency management and failover features.

  • Persistence - Handled by the SGS's DataManager rather than my own sql code.

Has anyone go similar ideas or tried doing similar things? Does this all sound feasible?

I believe it is possible and it has been mentioned by people on various forums but to my knowledge nobody has actually taken the time to do it.  For my persistence code I've been writing I simply use JPA instead of dealing with SGS as JPA I believe has more functionality and performance benefits than does SGS if developed properly and then you simply cluster databases for failover and concurrency management and it's all taken care of for you.

From what I remember back when I was working with SGS it is possible to drop your own communication implementation in and still utilize all the other aspects of SGS.

Thanks Darkfrog, I'll have a go doing it. I think they have what's called Service extensions and there's a manual written on the subject by the same guy who wrote the Darkstar Oreilly book. Hopefully I will get something working before Christmas.

I'd be curious to see your progress.