Comment Styling

 * This is the Main Class of your Game. You should only do initialization here.
 * Move your Logic into AppStates or Controls
 * @author normenhansen

I notice that this comment that is default in BasicGame is bold for the first sentence. I curious as to how it got that way.

It’s a javadoc comment so probably IDE magic. I suspect it will do it for all javadoc comments since the javadoc will also use the first sentence as a summary.

What about the HTML stuff?


In Vector3f javadoc.

What’s the question?

Are you basically asking how javadoc works? If so then I suggest maybe google is a better place to ask.

Yes, javadocs are HTML based documentations, you can do <b> text </b> for bold, insert images using img tag with src, highlight text using spans & many more…like unordered, ordered lists, break tags, paragraphs…

NB : Github, the discourse communities here also support HTML tags

The IDE displays them using webviews

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