Commercial Augmented Reality Project Using jMonkeyEngine


I would like to share some video of our completed Augmented Reality work, which we made for the 42Below Vodka brand, using jMonkeyEngine:

Thanks to everyone who helped out while I was learning jMonkeyEngine, especially user ajclarkson, who co-authored ARMonkeyKit, an AR / jMonkeyKit framework, which we used for the project.

Thanks again,

-Lee, and the Gladeye team

Thanks for sharing mate :smiley: I think this one arrived very recently in Norway…

Hey, this is great… I noticed in your blog you mention you got JMF/FOBS from llama integrated. Was this with jME 2? I think the community would like it very much if you could give pointer as to how and, if possible, to contribute some of that.  :roll:

In any case, great work and congratulations!  :smiley:

Awesome! Congrats

@duenez: The FOBS integration came entirely via the ARMonkeyKit framework. (google hosting)

The video capture implementation was the main reason we switched to ARMonkeyKit, as prior to that we had basically the same setup, using JME2 and NYARToolkit. But I just could’t get the video to texture performance to an acceptable level. It was really awesome that ARMonkeyKit came along, as they have really solved this issue. I highly recommend examining this code for anyone trying to work with video in JME2

We are happy to release the code for the project under the terms of the open source license the kit is released under, although I can’t claim to have done anything innovative personally. Basically we just created artwork to go into this awesome engine! I really enjoyed using JME2, and I’m hoping another project will come along where I can get into JME3. 

BTW ARMonkeyKit is developed using windows, but we had minimal trouble setting it up on OSX, and the kiosks use Mac Minis under the hood.

Thanks, after searching more in your blog, I was actually wondering if ARMonkeyKit was what was doing most of the work behind the scenes… If nothing else, pointing attention to ARMonkeyKit is a great thing! Thanks for that  :D… But I would also definitely give you the credit you deserve for this project and for expanding the jME applicability!