Commercial development with jME


I've been poking around jME for a while now and am seriously considering using it for a commercial prototytpe, with the possibility of extending it to full development.

Anyone else using jME for commercial development?

pro/cons/thoughts on performance/strengths/weaknesses?



I'd like to study the possibility with a friend, but the problem is the windows exe generation...
I know, seems you can embed the JRE in the game install, but for download purchases, that bloats too much the download. I'm the gfx guy of any team, anyway, not a programmer.

For comercial games , shareware ones, this is more important than it seems...Specially as most of the market income is in Windows platform...

I know about GNU project for a compiler, but been told seems is yet too early in development, and Jet excelsior 900$ is not an option....

If you keep your hands out off AWT and Swing, you can cut down the JRE to 2.5 MB and molebox the whole thing. 2.5 MB shouldn’t be that much of a problem…

There was a thread over at JGO a couple of months back about this.

Recently I was in contact with one of swedens biggest game developers. They were about to use jME for a couple of their projects.

As I don't know how discrete they want to be about their plans, I'll leave their name out for now :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Per. I'll tell him. Indeed, that's not a problem then! :)

Molebox? what's that?

Oh, kind of a packer in exe format. good, is not as expensive as Jet…

Excuse this poor artist…

BTW, have you seen TribalTrouble ?

seems they've done perhaps something like what you say…

Excelsior just posted this article covering the various options:

Hmm, stripping down the JRE to 2.5 megs sounds very interesting! Any links or other additional info about this?

As I said there was a thread over at JGO a while ago, started by princes… I can't find it now, but IIRC the topic was something like "shocking solution to java games distribution".

A quick search popped up this thread though:

Also check out princes's games at


found a x-post over at indiegamer: