Commit r8565 crash Nifty at start. Temporary(?) fix inside

It seems @nehon’s fix of nifty by adding a parameter broke something… From what I can see, there’s two methods with the same name but one doesn’t have the last added param.


public void renderFont(RenderFont font, String str, int x, int y, Color color, float size) {

renderFont(font, str, x, y, color, size, 0.0f);



This seems to fix the problem. At least it runs without crashing at start. I haven’t delved into the newer Nifty code so I don’t know if that’s the proper fix or not, but if you do experience that crash I’d suggest doing this temporarily.


Thanks, but it was just about compiling I think… @Momoko_Fan still needs to adapt to the new scaling stuff in Nifty, so Nifty in the nightly is “officially” broken atm :wink:

And I’ll add that as I understand it, the “stable” branch has all of the latest stuff except the broken stuff (specifically this change in this case). So not just theoretically stable, but actually stable… and recent.

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Yep, what he said, we try and add the working fixes and additions within under a month (maybe even weekly) as long as they don’t break the API. Still having hardcore nightly testers is appreciated :slight_smile: Best have a separate application for nightly though, as explained in the manual about updating. Since we have the stable branch now there might be a stronger tendency for trunk to become (and remain for a time) broken I guess.

yeah, i did it to fix the failing build. But nifty test cases were still working so i assumed it was ok…

So apparently now the last 2 floats are for sizeX and sizeY instead of just one parameter for the 2 dimension.

I fixed it, now the old method is deprecated and redirect to renderFont(font, str, x, y, color, size, size);

Also having people using the “unstable” repo is good to find issues :stuck_out_tongue:

This one didn’t last 10 hours…

nehon said:
Also having people using the "unstable" repo is good to find issues :p
This one didn't last 10 hours...

Yeah. That's me. But I'll bet I'll swear and throw tantrums soon enough. It's a price I'm willing to pay though. Thanks for revert. ;)

Edit: I kan't shpell!