[committed] Adding Type to InputHandler Properties HashMap

I'd like to add a type to the properties hash map in the getXXXProp(…) methods in InputHandler from a non-typed HashMap to HashMap<String, String>.

It would require changes to the following classes (as far as I can see):

  • ThirdPersonMouseLook

  • ThirdPersonHandler

  • ChaseCamera

Its nothing too big (that I can see - let me know if I'm wrong) but would clean up a few of the warnings I am seeing in my workspace.

It appears that all the keys into this map are strings and the getXXXProp(...) methods assume that there are strings in there.

Another question is...should Strings even be the right input for these maps?  Should it be left as a generic map, and instead of putting in String values allow auto-boxing to put in the Float/Integer/Boolean/etc... object into the map itself?  Strings are a little slower (but has worked well so far).

Thanks so much!

Adding a type of <String, String> isn't the correct approach.  It should be <String, Object>.

Since no one has responded, I went ahead and committed the changes.  Please let me know if anyone would like it changed back.  This was just a simple change to get it more in line with Java 5…but if it breaks anything I'll change it back.


less warnings is always a good thing. :slight_smile: