[committed]Patch fixes bug exporting as binary a xml model imported from blender

I'm exporting some models with armatures and poses from Blender with HottBJ as *-jme.xml which I then want to convert to binary *.jme file.

But when trying to save the the model + armature as a binary file I get a null pointer exception in the cullRegionMappings method from the SkinNode class. It turns out that the xml file exported from Blender does not have "geometryRegions" part, so the read method is setting it to null when it does:

geometryRegions = (StringStringMap)

    cap.readSavable("geometryRegions", null);

As a workaround I changed the above code in the read method to:

Savable sav = cap.readSavable("geometryRegions", null);

if (sav != null)

    geometryRegions = (StringStringMap) sav;

To avoid setting geometryRegions to null when reading xml files exported from Blender with HottBJ. This fixed my problem.

I also noticed that the write method in class SkinNode does not save geometryRegions when it's empty (geometryRegions.size == 0), so it seems to me that my fix for the read method might also be needed in other use cases.

Agreed.  Thank you.

Committed with rev. 4715.

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