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Do anyone here live in an different country from your game company ?
I am asking this because in some countries the taxes are low, also you have better laws for example in BVI.
I am facing an problem in Steam because of economy instability of my country Brazil, it makes simple impossible to sell games in here, and I think I will need to move/open my company into another country, so I would like to hear some advises.
Maybe, another solution would to make some society with someone already sett-up…

Well i pretty often saw english limited for all kinda of stuff, so that might be worth looking into.

Well you use a limited or a german UG because there are nearly no costs to set up the Company (captial can be 1 Euro).

Regarding taxes, shouldn’t brasil be good?
I wouldn’t open a Business in another country as you live in, because you would need to be a native (or pay someone and then HE is the owner).

Also international taxes are complex, it could be that you pay taxes in both countries then (if you live in brasil, you have to pay your income tax there).

Try googling something like “open limited as brasilian” or something, because you might not find experts here.

Btw: hungary, slowenia and such are good european countries for rich people (they have a flat tax of 15-20% so that’s what you will pay. Google for flat tax)

After the general advice you get here then you should seek the advice of an attorney. In the end, asking about legal quandaries here is akin to asking a lawyer to debug your shader code for you. Both are not likely to end the way you want.


Do NOT try a UG with 1€, while theoretically possible, if you do fail, you get additionally sued with “Insolvenzverschleppung” since you were out of money from the very beginning, and knew it. More reasonable for a UG is 500-1000€ euro.


Those are good tips, thanks guys, I was not considering Germany before…
How could it fail ? Because of the low investment ?

As soon as you are spending some money (often you let the Company pay the Setup fees, taxes, whatever) you are bankrupt.

I wouldn’t consider Germany though, up to 42% taxes and the Company has some additional taxes too