Compiling a Hello World


I copied the file from de jme source to another folder and now i want to compile it using command line(maybe using javac) and run it.

i am using linux. how do i do it?

thank you.

Compiling from command line would be alot more difficult than simply doing it from an IDE, especially if you are new to Java. Get one of the free IDE available for Java: eclipse or netbeans, and compile from there.

Hmm, I might be wrong but you sound a little like this is your first attempt at using java. If that's the case, you'll be better off starting with some beginner java tutorials, rather than jumping right into jME. jME needs some advanced knowledge when setting up your build and run environments.

Learn about packages and the classpath (a rather complicated thing for most java beginners), the native library path, and how to set it all up in an IDE of your choice. Code some simple programs that help ypu understand the classpath/package relation, build and run them, and only then start with jME.

That way, you'll have much less trouble and much more fun with this engine, and you'll even learn some very important things as well!

there is no easy way for compiling it in command line?

do you know any good tutorial teaching it?

javac tutorial: use the first link:

eclipse and jme tutorial:

General Java tutorials: