Compiling from Git, PBR in own project[Solved]

I am trying to use PBR in my game. Now as someone that did shaders way back in the old days and even some renderman ones in the day. So i do understand the theory and love the idea of PBR. Also i like the looks of the approximated real time PBR in the different games these day. Including examples in jME.

However i have a small issue. When i use a fresh git master branch of jME. Use ./gradlew build or just ./gradlew it compiles no problems. The tests all run (at least the ones i did run including PBR).

However i don’t get any jars under lib. I use a simple one liner find . -name “*jar” to get the jars in one place and include in my jME project.

Now if i run TestPBRLighting in my own project (package adjusted), i get a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.lwjgl.opengl.GLDebugMessageARBCallbackI. This appears to be a lwjgl 3.X class. However despite the fact that this is in the class path i get this error.

Now clearly i have something wrong. Since otherwise the test wouldn’t work.

I also don’t really follow where the natives for everything is. For example i can’t find the lwjgl3 natives.

Ok so i get a full dist directory now. I just guessed ./gradlew dist . guess i could have guessed that faster. I am in crunch time for PAX downunder…

Will keep you posted either way.

Yep that worked.

Sorry for wasting peoples time.