Compiling JME from github

Hello guys.

I’m trying to compile the PBR branch.I downloaded it from github and when i execute “sudo ./gradlew” it starts compiling.
When the build is ready,i can’t find any SDK executable.Also,i only have a folder named “javadocs” under “dist” and no sources/jars.Is there a documentation with parameters to execute with gradlew to build any part of jme?

mhhh and you do with the master branch?
I’m surprised because they are almost in sync

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I never tried to compile the master branch,this is the first time every i try to compile any JME version.

you have to do “sudo ./gradlew” and then build the sdk with

ant -f ./sdk/ build-zip

and you will find the zipped SDK in the /sdk/dist/


And do libraries in default new project belong to 3.1 PBR in the built sdk?

It is not needed to call gradlew with sudo.
To build the SDK too, you need to change the file and set it to build the SDK as well. Then when you do ./gradlew build it will build the SDK as well.

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Thanks everyone :D,now i can start the SDK with new libs and it seems to work correctly.Otherwise,some effects looks distorted but this is probably a compatibility issue between 3.0 and 3.1

Where “almost” means 118 commits behind master :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be obnoxious… :stuck_out_tongue:
Kirill’s been prolific the past week, but that’s minor changes.

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Heheh… and quite a few SpiderMonkey changes, too… which I’m 99% sure don’t affect PBR at all. :slight_smile:

You can go up to 100%

ok now it’s synced.
114 commits without a single conflict.

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I spoke to fast there was actually a compilation issue.
It’s fixed now

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