Compiling ODEjava

I’m having problem compiling it from the source code, it’s looking for a whole bunch of packages that I don’t have. Was there anything that I needed in order for this to work?




there also was org.jms or something like that so I went and downloaded it, but there is about 4 or 5 missing packages that I figured that it wasn’t worth it to download 4 or 5 new ones without consulting people who do have it working.

I’m using Java Version 1.4.2_05.

this is a board related to jME physics, not ODE. For their board, please see

However, il answer this one for ya :slight_smile:

You need 3 things.




Google for them, download their jars, and put them into the classpath


Sorry, should’ve checked there first, but thanks a lot for the help, it compiles correctly now :smiley: .