Complete flagrush tutorials?

hello all

does anyone know where i can find the complete version of the flagrush tutorials in english please? the link i have only has half of the tutorials working, and the rest are "yet to be created"

any help please? :slight_smile:

thank you


The tutorials in the Wiki along with the source for them in cvs is everthing that currently exists. Mojo is still working on it occasionally, I think…


is there another tutorial somewhere, which shows similar features to the flagrush tutorial? ive tried searching on google, but im not sure what im looking for, and current searches havent revealed anything!

thank you :)

you also can check out furballz source its well enough documented to be a bit of a tut, but will be broken in places(input and lighting) due to the fact that it hasn't been updated to match cvs, you would/should be able to fix it based on what you would have learned with flagrush thus far … although I think it might still be compilable with the 0.9 release ,but that would be defeating purpose wouldn't it  :wink:

I should probably update Furballz at some point…  maybe when Internet gets installed at home this weekend.  :confused:

Your going to install the internet?  How big of a hardrive do you have?  :-o

Sorry, I couldn't resist…well…I could have, but I chose not to. :-p


:P  I have that new light based hollographic data storage drive thingy…  I'm connected at home finally.  yay!  Now to remember what all I've promised to do so I can remember to procrastinate properly…  :wink:

To divert almost entirely from this topic and go off on a tangent, have you seen the HVD drives?  They can hold over a terrabyte on a disc the size of a CD and it doesn't even have to be round anymore…man I wish they would bring them to the US. :-p


square discs? how do the drives look like?

Well, the way the HVD drives work is using holographic reading, but what’s really awesome is that the sensors move instead of the disk, so the disk no longer has to be round.  This also solves the limitation of reading that has been in place for a while.  Have you noticed that reading speed on CD/DVDs hasn’t increased in a while?  That’s because they’ve reached the safety limit of how fast they can spin a drive without the disc coming apart in the drive (that reminds me of a story about a drive Creative Labs made…but I’ll save that for another time).

What’s really cool is that they can have multiple sensors moving around in the drive and increase the speed of reading and writing exponentially.  Here’s the wikipedia link:


darn frog  }:-@

Yeah…always polluting the forums with his poor humor.  :roll:

Sometimes I wish he'd just croak!  :-o


yeah, but i meant square discs  :smiley:

oh…didn't catch that. :-p

You can have a square disc…in fact, try sticking a CD in the microwave and you'll get all sorts of different shapes…and pretty colors. :slight_smile:


i suppose you already tried that out  :slight_smile:

I used to work at Creative Labs and we always had a lot of spare CDs just hanging about…and a microwave at our disposal. :-p