Completely Reset Application

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is an easy way to achieve a complete reset of an application without actually restarting it: I have a Driving-Simulator that is designed to load one driving task at the time on startup. Now I have an experiment, where the subject actually performs several tasks after each other. I want to prevent, that the app has to be quit and restarted with another driving task since that would distract the subject.

This might also be a rather generic JAVA issue, but I thought maybe someone had similar needs using jMonkey …

Anyone any Ideas?


Why do you need to restart the whole app? Why not just switch out an app state for each task or something?

Or did you implement your app with everything in your SimpleApplication class? (hint: don’t do that)

Yes, of course you are right. That would be the best way.

The thing is, I did not write that application originally and am trying with minimum effort to suit it to my needs. Unfortunately, the whole app is implemented within an extension of the SimpleApplication class.

But, if there’s no other way, I’ll have to go through implementing AppStates …

Thanks for you answer …