Complex Collision shapes can't have complex kids

I’m loading in models and building parts of my vehicle piece by piece (as chosen by the user). The specs of each piece can be designed by the user, even in external CAD. If I want to add an OGREmesh part to my already-defined complexcollisionshape on my vehicle, how can I go about doing this?

On a side note, I’ve somehow gotten to the point that I can’t kill my game by pressing the “ESC” button or by directly calling app.stop(false). I edited the code in Application to print something when it is called, but it never gets called, even after several minutes. I end up having to kill the app in netbeans,

Sounds like you killed the render thread. There was probably a stack trace dumped to the console/log.

nothing dumped to the console. That’s the weird thing, the only reason I noticed it was that netbeans kept opening more and more “run” tabs. I killed them all and tried again, but it just won’t kill them.

At one point recently I had overridden stop() with this, but it has been removed since then and I still get the issue:

[java] @Override
public void stop() {

    System.out.println("Programhas now closed");

But this didn’t work. My motivation for messing with this at all is that I am starting the game from another program. This other program should be able to kill and completely restart the game (I want 100%clean refresh, so all new objects, etc.) My problem was that when this external program called "jmonkeyGame.stop(); then later "jmonkeyGame.start(); it just made doubles of all the objects. I couldn’t kill it completely as long as it was tstill int he same VM as the external program

Do you have any other threads running?

It sounds like you have some weird ju-ju going on. You might also try setting some breakpoints in the debugger to see what is happening.

I’ll fix that soon enough, it is just an annoyance at the moment. My main concern is the compound vehicle issues mentioned in the first post.

Is there another way of adding a model as a child of a vehicle?