Complex pixels detection

As far as I know there is no possibility to use standard MSAA with deferred shading ( ). In this article author wrote about ‘complex pixels detection’ and I’m starting to think about it. Because I’m not a guru at 3D math I’m asking if anyone have already some sample to analyze/adapt ?

If I understand it corectly, for every fragment processed in lighting pass I need to check its surroundings and test if there are some major differences in depth/normal. And then do something called ‘super sampling’.
I’m currently making an research, I hope that someone from here have something that can help.

Well…you can do msaa on the back buffer…then you have to resolve it in a post pass. But that’s greedy…and you need opengl > 3.
The most promising AA I’ve crossed recently is Temporal Antialiasing. Some call it TXAA or Temporal SSAA things like that.
read this Temporal supersampling and antialiasing | Bart Wronski
and this

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I heard about that but I think that it is too complex for me.