CompositeMesh and Normals

Hello everybody (specially Mojo and Renanse):

    While trying once again to search the forums to look for a normal generator in jME, I found this topic:

    It was discussed there of the possibility of changing TriMesh to CompositeMesh as the standard in the future (it was in 2004)… however, the tutorials are still based upon TriMesh most of the time, and the only Composite extension has been CompositeSphere.

    The reason why I bring this up is because I am planning on creating a NormalGenerator class for jME (since it does not exist yet, and I think it could be nice), but I would need to mess with current mesh implementation.

So I guess it all reduces to two questions:

  • Does jME need a NormalGenerator?

  • Is CompositeMesh the preferred mesh, or TriMesh or both?

[Edit] I almost forgot: The examples to create a CompositeMesh from a TriMesh state the use of the non-existing class GeometryInfo (called the same as java3d stripifier and normalizer utility class)
Does jME need a NormalGenerator?

I generate normals sometimes, so I think: yes, it does.
Hello everybody (specially Mojo and Renanse)

since the rest of us developers probably don't know as much *s* buhuuuu *sob*

It's okay MrCoder, I'm sure he didn't really mean it.  :-o

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My special greets to Renanse and Mojo was more related to the topic I talk about, in which they both had a long and old discussion about the CompositeMesh, so I just saw fit to ask them specially!  :roll:

As Darkfrog said, I did not mean to push down anyone… Not by any chance!

Anyway, the two big guys in the first post have not answered yet, and I still need to know what path to take! so by all means, if you have an answer, please do reply.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.  ://

hehe i was just kidding…and you are right in that they have more to say about that issue than me, so i'll gladly hand that over to them…  :smiley:

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Composite mesh is pretty much obsolete as TriangleBatch can now be defined in TRIs, TRI_STRIPS, QUADS, etc.

Ok, thanks Mojo… What I think this means is to go with TriMesh and TriangleBatch to make the normalizer… Sounds good?

We could add something like that to the GeometryTool.  Will be good to see a generic normal generator.

Great, will do!  :wink: