Hello everyone.

I’m making a “.map” loader.

I’m using some code I got from here thanks Ryan.

I rewrote it in java and integrated it in the map loader.

From the map I get brushes (convex 3D shapes) that contain faces. One face is a triangle fan.

So far I create a TriMesh for each face but I want to create a TriMesh for each brush instead. I have seen that CompositeMesh can handle triangle fans somehow. So I wonder if anyone can point me to some documentation on how to use CompositeMesh.

Here is a screenshot of one of the first recognizable builds.

No real documentation yet (working on that slowly :wink: ) but to create a composite mesh, you do it the same as a TriMesh except the index array is ordered differently and it makes use of the IndexRange object (utility method in CompositeMesh will fill it) to define how to render (fan, strip, etc).

I would take a look at CompositeSphere in com.jme.scene.shape for an example.