Concept Modellbones or Node? [closed]

As I understand there may be two possibilities to merge two objects with different controller-abilities. F.e. a tank base and a turret.


  • add tankBaseNode to playerNode
  • add turretNode to tankBaseNode
  • add controls to playerNode (f.e. wsad movement)
  • add controls to turretNode (f.e. qe turret movement)

    problems: you have to find out exact position of pivot points (I don't know how: am using boundingbox plus estimated relative position at the moment)

  • add bones to model skeleton
  • "somehow" address the bones for different controllers

    problem solved: pivot point of tankTurret is exactly it's pivot in model-tool

    Cause I am a new developer I don't know if "2.)" is possible. So it would be great if a user may tell me if "2.)" is possible. Or maybe give me a little hint to find out exact positions in models. (would be very helpful cause I may investigate in a false direction…)

    A link to a refering tutorial would be fine, too. Help is really appreciated due to my newbie-status.

Skeletal Animation is the keyword.

Is there a jME-tutorial to learn how to learn about using Skeletal Animation in jME?

Tried using search option now I know what to search for and encountered that there are inofficial and buggy import options. Are there any news and is a stable importer available? (sorry, am noob starting from scratch)

Try using the OgreXML format. Although it uses its own animation and bone classes its the best model format for jme2 imho.

Thanks a lot, will concentrate on OgreXML format then :slight_smile: