ConeCollisionShape height argument has no effect

I am trying to create ConeCollisionShape with different height values.

using “bulletAppState.getPhysicsSpace().enableDebug(assetManager)”, it seems that the physical collision shape does not change.

for example, giving same radius with height of 1 unit or 10 units display (and react) as the same cone shape.

am i missing something or this is a known bug ?



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Have you tested if its only the debugshape or if its also the collisions? Maybee there is a bug in the debugshape creation.

(prefearably with a small testcase, that shows the problem)

That is what i tried to figure out, according to my tests the collision shape has incorrect height. can someone check this ?

If you make a testcase which we can run, then we can then confirm/deny behaviour.

I will do that later but meanwhile,

just create a ConeCollisionShape, each time with different height and see the debug wireframe that does not change and the physical behavior that also has a problem.

I think you miss understand the use of a testcase. Sometimes you even find out you did something wrong while making it, or find a bug with the engine. It also means that its a 1 to many relationship. Where everyone can test your code, rather than everyone coding it for themselves. And if they come back saying, “it works fine”, that doesn’t help you figure out the problem either.

A testcase has many purposes., screenshots can help as well.

Okay, this has been fixed in svn, along with some serialization bugs in ConeCollisionShape


Thanks @vertilka and everyone

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