Confused about extending options

Well, this is just something I am confused on. I am just looking for a little insight.

I would like to say that I might know the answer already "You need to make your own versions of each one"

Well here is the question.

With all these .java files to base my game off of,,, BaseGame.Java, SimpleGame, BaseSimpleGame… I was wondering how I would be able to use the features which each one of these provides. Your main class can only extend one of these, so if I extend BaseGame, i cannot access such things as pManager, or any physics things found in simplephysicsgame. If I extend SimplePassGame, I cannot access physics or other things. How can I overcome this barrier?

Extend one and copy the behaviour from the other. Search this forum and you will find many examples which you can use.

Or extend one of the complexer Game types, StandartGame,FixedLogicrateGame(my personal favourite),ect

and then insert all stuf yourself into it.

don't extend SimpleGame, as it will be a lot harder to implement what the others have on it (ie fixedframerategame)

Also when useing one of the non Simple ones, you won't someday wonder that something not works, but worked always before, since the Simple ones contains quite some stuff

(The ZBuffer related Threads in this forum I just say).

I suggest you choose one of the non Simple classes, fitting your needs most, extends it and then start to adjust it for your needs. Of course the simple ones are great for quick tests and stuff like that, and also as see how it is done, but not for something you maybee want to publish some day.

thanks for the info guys. I will look into all of these options and explore different routes.