Confused about global ambient

I am a little confused as to how global ambient works.  From what I have observed, if I have a cube with a light state that contains a directional light shining on one of its faces, but set the global ambient on the light state to white, only one side of the cube is still lit.  I expected that all would be lit by the global ambient.  In order to light all sides of the cube, I had to attach two point lights shining at oblique angles to the faces.  From what I have observed, global ambient works the same as regular ambient.  Is it that the global ambient replaces all the regular ambient settings in the attached lights of the light states but not globally to the scene?  If that were the case, then I still expect that attaching a light with global ambient to a light state in root node would do what I expect even if it was directional since ambient doesn't take into account any angles between light vector and face normals (diffuse lighting) or angle between vector from camera eye to vertex and normal (specular).  Instead ambient non-discriminately adds to the total vertex color.  What am I doing wrong here? 


Actually I would not mind someone walking over this either :slight_smile:

I too.