Confusion on Editing jMP Source Files to Edit Modules

Hi All,

I wanted to edit the AssetPack Browser, as it is broken (at least for me). I read the documentation on how to download the project via SVN and open it in jMP, and I edited the AssetPack files I want. However, before I even edited anything, there were files in the AssetPack module which were claiming this exception: [java]import com.jme3.animation.AnimControl;[/java]

I double-checked that the JME3 Core Libraries were provided as a dependency, so why is this happening? I would really like to offer up these changes to the AssetPack Browser (and many more to come) soon, so please let me know how I can fix this!

Edit: I’m sorry–the Exception is a Package DNE, it occurs on that line and any other line referencing com.jme3.x

Edit #2: The following dependent modules are also broken: jMonkeyPlatform Core, OgreXMLTools and Simple SceneComposer

How exactly did you download/build it? It changed a bit recently.

Use the global build.xml:

build.xml <-- this one

It will copy the engine libraries over to the sdk library folders, that has to be done each time the jme3 libraries have been changed.

Happy to hear that I get some support at this :)


I simply used SVN to download the entire JME repository to my Desktop, then I opened it jMonkeyPlatform. I see the two Build files but I’m unsure how to use one or the other specifically in JMP…

To use the global xml file in jMP you have to navigate to it using the “Favorites” view on the left where the Project Folders are. Once you found it, right-click it and select “run target->build”. After that and a clean&rebuild the project should behave normal. Reopen it if it doesnt…