Hi all, I have been studying all your beginner tutorials and I finish them, they are very clear, but I have two questions.

In the Hello Audio beginner tutorial spoken the nature audio comes from an origin, but I hear it from every direction, not so gun audio, this last comes from origin although it isn’t with setPositional(true). I believe this is the default state, but that is not mentioned.

The other question is, for what is CollisionShapes??? In the Hello Collision beginner tutorial, shown it is necessary for to have collisions behaviour, but if I comment this lines and I make a new RigidBodyControl(0f) without landscape sceneShape, the behaviour is the same, and in the Hello Physics beginner tutorial, the CollisionShapes are not used and equally the balls collide with the bricks.

Thank you very much beforehand, JME3 is a great work!!!

Sorry for my english… XD

in regards to 2) CollisionShapes are needed for the bullet engine. RigidBodyControl(0f) creates a collisionShape implicitly using the mesh data.