Connection to server in C# - sockets or modified JGN

Hi all,

I’m a new member and I just found this wonderful resource a few days ago. I was pointed here by a member of the forum. I’ve successfully setup the s/w on netbeans with the help of many helpful people on the irc channel and the tutorials. thanks to those people especially galun (im looking forward to playing his MMORPG sometime soon :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I’m am currently starting a project that involves the very simple modelling of human movement (think spheres for joints and interconnecting lines as the skeletal frame). Sensor will be placed on a person and their movement will be displayed in real time. I was hoping that either Java3d or JOGL or possibly a combination of both could be used for this. Thankfully someone on javagaming told me about jme!

The question to you on the networks forum is this.

The server which deals with the sensor information is implemented in C# and we have a C# program that fires off the x,y,z co-ordinates via a socket.

Now i’ve read that JGN would is one of the best soultions for scalability etc but can it be connected to a C# server socket or will i have to implement java IO / NIO as mentioned by darkfrog here

of course if anyone can think of an alternative solution please fire away with your suggestions!

Just for some piece of mind can you reassure me that jme is suitable for this project i.e.

real-time annimation/movement of some connected spheres

think a basic skeleton moving with the joint xyz location info being supplies via a socket

and the “bones” being rendered depending where the joints are.

Thanks for any help that anyone can give.

After this project is over i look forward to some proper messing around with jme.

i’m truely impressed! well done to everyone involved.

If anyone wants any more information on this project feel free to ask!

watervision (irc name - i messed up my reg, d'oh! - could an admin rename my a/c please?)

well as ists a socket, it dosen't matter if its programmed in c/ c# or cobol :slight_smile:

you just connect to the ip/port and send /receive your data.

the only thing you need to know is how the data you receive is structured.

Sorry, just now saw this thread…

You would end up either having to re-implement protocol support in C# (which simply includes a very basic primitive serialization/deserialization approach for Objects) or have to try to compile JGN source into C#, which I believe can be done without too much trouble, but I've never tried.

as i understand it he just wants to read a few primitive values like x y z from the c# program.

there shouldn't be any need to modify the c# part.