Console Color Nifty-Gui

Hi, I have implemented a console in my java game with Nifty-GUI, but when I try to change the color I can’t.

I have an instance of my console control like this:

[java]console = nifty.getCurrentScreen().findNiftyControl(“console0”, Console.class);[/java]

I’ve tried to do this to change the deafults colors, but doesn’t work:


As well, I’ve tried to do the same but with a simple output:

[java]console.output(“Hello”,; [/java]

In addittion, whe I write an output error doesn’t work neither:


Thank you!!!

hello, i am having the exact same problem : the console is white and stay white, no matter what i can do to change it. I have the lastest stable version of the sdk.

If you fix the problem please text me the solution. I will be the same.