Console Commands?

Hey just bought the game

It is great, but i rage when i die hardcore. I noticed that you can use the console, however i do not know the commands

perhaps you guys know since you are the ‘community’

ps maybe in a future update there could be a way to lower the difficulty because it is challenging just fighting someone alone, nonetheless a whole mess of baddies xD

Have you tried /help ? If there are commands that should tell you them.

/help <— highly recommended :slight_smile: I just realized I didn’t put that command in the F1 help :o

Difficulty settings are on the to-do list!

I did help like you guys said, and i saw that they were mostly multiplayer commands, so i just ask if you couldadd some commands, like a /god command that makes you not take damage, or a command that toggles a build mode that lets you make forts and bases, because i like the fort designs and it would be cool to make forts that are underground or half underground and stuff like that.

I have to add fortress building before I can make console commands for it :slight_smile: I plan on incorporating building into the game itself, and not needing console commands.