Console stops scrolling onto latest input

After some coding, I realized that my console stopped scrolling to the latest input for some reason.

When you run the program, it scroll to the latest errors and red text but after that, if I have a System.out.println(“XXX”) it will completely ignore the output.

Is there any way to turn the auto scroll back on in the console

Normally it locks on again when you scroll all the way down (and theres no additional output). Otherwise clear the log (right-click).

No, it still doesn’t lock on; this happens every time I run the program…

Can’t say its like that for me. Maybe try closing and reopening it.

It’s actually been happening for a while now, I just really noticed it today.

Click in the console.
Hit ctrl-end

If the ‘cursor’ is not at the end of the log then it will stop scrolling.