Console support

I was wondering about the Java support on console.I dont know if there is, but, if there is, is it possible to port jME to console? Or does it depends solely on LEJGL?

I dont understand what yo mean by “console”? If you use the nullrenderer and no settings window then jME can run on the command line witout a windowing system, yes.

my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

By Console I meant console device, like PS3, XBox, Wii etc etc

Are you French iamcreasy?

@Normen “Console” is the generic term in French for “PS3, Wii, XBox, etc…” I don’t know if there is an English word for that

@iamcreasy No it’s not that easy, i remember a post on the forum about porting JME3 to PS3 but, I don’t know if there was further developments on that subject.

In theory, JME3 need only Java and opengl, so there might be a way as long as the hardware supports those two…but that’s pure theory.

I am Bangladeshi.

I have always seen referring “Video Game Console” in almost everywhere. So, i thought, it gonna work in generic conversation.

So, does the generation video game console provides Java support?

google showed up some successful attempts, but, none have any footprints left to follow. umm, disappointing.

We’d need people with a PS3/XBOX360 dev license to really try it but in theory it should work, theres native c++ compilers for java too.

You should be able to run linux kernel on a lot of consoles, and if thats possible some JVMs can run there. However LWJGL requires X Window system which won’t be available, so you need to make your own display initialization depending on console. There’s some effort to port LWJGL to android and support OpenGL ES (might help in PS3’s case).

In any case, if you’re a company with many $$$, you can buy yourself a devkit for a console, and with your C++ programmers, get all of this done and make a platform out of it. This is how Unity3D is able to run C# on consoles, they ported Mono. We don’t have $$$ and a lot of developers so we can’t do it.