Construct is shaking (Incorect joints state?) - How to debug?

I have “organism” that are built from simple boxes that are conected with hinge joints on edges (corners?). And sometimes when I enable motors they shake like insane. I have no idea how to debug what’s wrong.

Here are some pictures of how are those connected:

Whats your average framerate? It will only be accurate down to 15fps, else you need to up the maxStepsPerFrame. Are you sure those boxes are only connected and do not overlap at the corners? The latter would explain shaking.

Actually I have disabled collisions between linked bodies. So that’s not causing it.

However I noticed that bodies that arent directly connected might overlap because of the angles on the joints (they get rotated).

Can I disable collisions between all bodies except my floor so the can move around?

Yes overlaps can still cause this. You can avoid all collisions using collision groups or a collision group listener.

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Thanks for advice. I solved this with collision groups…