Consuming InputHandler event

Hi and thanks to everyone replying.

Is there a way to consume event after processing it in the InputHandler, so other sibling/child InputHandlers will ignore it?

I have a console system and I would like to allow moving character while console is active, but certain actions in game are meant to be hotkeyed to letters, so whey I type 'i', my inventory keeps poppin' up…

Have you taken a look at GameConsole?  It might be more up the alley of what you want without having to re-invent the wheel?  Do a search here for it and you'll find a video and references to where to download it.

I'm sorry, can you give the full name of the class (with package prefix?)

My class search says there's no GameConsole class in any library or project code.

As for reinvention, its already reinvented :frowning:

Based around few classes though, Engine (extending InputHandler), Spatial (the tilde-window), Model (the buffer) and abstract InputProcessor (the commands extend this). I already implemented most of the debugging commands I need, tailored to the layer I've built ontop of JME.

Sorry for switching the topic, but can you explain in short what GameConsole is capable of and in which library can I find it?

(searching it on the forums didn't work… sorry  :D)